Where has my support question gone?

All support requests must be accompanied by a support request ticket and must be posted in your product's support area only.
Requests posted elsewhere WILL BE REMOVED.
For general forum access contact doodlebug. For support forum access, include your proof of purchase.

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Where has my support question gone?

Post by Kat » Sat Mar 12, 2016 2:55 pm

I will move all support questions to their associated support forums.
The reason we do this is twofold:
  1. it prevents piracy.
  2. it means that our development team has to look through only one set of forums in order to help you.
To gain access to your product support forum please send your proof of purchase to oisin@milviz.com (you can PM doodlebug but please don't PM me).

Thank you.
Kat Namsavanh
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