Weapons panel does display.

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Weapons panel does display.

Post by henrybro24 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 8:45 pm

I have Tackpack installed and working on all applicable aircraft. I have tried reinstalling with all requirements met but tackpack does not display like it does in drop down menu. The armament panel is blank. Huey flies brilliantly with all systems working except no weapons. In the UH1-C folder it shows only a tacpack file but no INI.file.

I have done reinstalling a number of times so really struggling.

Does your system meet the sim's requirements? YES
Did you temporarily disable your anti-virus program during the download process? YES
Before installing did you disable UAC. (User Account Control)? YES
Did you install, and are you running the sim as an admin? YES
Before running the sim did you make sure the FSX/P3D directory is off limits to any AV scanning? YES
Does your system have the required distributables? YES
Is your video card DX11 compatible? YES
If applicable, did you disable any FSX to P3D migration tools (like Estonia) before running the sim? YES
Are you using an aircraft other than a Milviz one as your default aircraft? YES
Have you installed in the root sim directory? YES
Do you have the appropriate SimConnect libraries installed? YES

Aircraft: UH1 Redux
Sim platform: FSX: Steam Edition
Operating system: Win10
Version: 1.170803
Unique ticket identifier: BD0B82DF-D2EF-D5ED-D0AD-7A652D0A2DDB


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