ORBx installs good + bad

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Re: ORBx installs good + bad

Post by ianpartridge » Sat Jun 13, 2020 12:34 am


I had exactly the same issue, with the aircraft being "dead" following an install from ORBX, no battery, no throttle quadrant.

I installed the XMLTools and amended the dll.xml and now the aircraft powers up and the throttle quadrant is active.

Haven't taken it for a spin yet, but looking positive.


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Re: ORBx installs good + bad

Post by a.c.ingold » Tue Jun 16, 2020 8:48 am

After installing directly from ORBX, as being advised by MILVIZ, I needed to download in addition the XMLTools. Also update the XMLTOOLS entry in the DLL File Entry. All that together helped to solve the primarily discovered issues

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Re: ORBx installs good + bad

Post by mailbox » Mon Dec 28, 2020 2:36 pm


it's pretty annoying, that Orbx Central provides an outdated version which is not compatible with P3Dv5.1.
It took me hours to find it out and resolve the issue by myself:
Version 1.2 provided in this forum here did the trick.

Kind regards,

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Re: ORBx installs good + bad

Post by rendej » Wed Apr 28, 2021 1:18 am

Pros: sales. Ease of install. Updates are easy (hopefully). Repair files. Made for dummys. Got an email with username/password for for forums without having to do anything.

Cons: plane didnt work at all, had to download XMLTool.exe but that took a number of hours to find. Screens fonts dont work, have downloaded the extra files and installed. There seems to be overlap over who does what for support, can imagine there will be a point where both parties point the finger at each other. One day you guys will fall out with ORBX and then what? Upgrade path to V5, MSFS, XPD, its not very clear if this even exisits. My email for forums went to spam folder and it was only by accident I found it there.

Possible improvements (nothing to do with ORBX, but Im on a roll): MVAMS will also be in metric. Will include in small writing how much fuel can go in the tank instead of trying every figure until it accepts. Maybe a CFG as well so I can load things better, similar to what Maddog has. Better control calibration, is there a way to remove beta/revers options so my crappy logitech only has 0-100% power settings instead of going into reverse. Left mouse click moves individual levers, right mouse moves both levers, like Magestic Dash8. More scroll wheel support for switches.

The plane is great (inspite of complaints/improvements), thank you for making a worthwhile addon.