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Hi All,

Some comments on how to use the different Load Status selected in MVAMS.

A - Options to run a KA flight

To successfully run a KA flight without experiencing troubles with unresponsive/abnormal controls behavior or other issues, these are the options possible:

1) First of all, ensure that P3D always starts in Prepard3D Scenario screen (*):
Status1.jpg (178.03 KiB) Viewed 879 times

2) Selecting option (1) will load P3D default config that applies to all aircraft - engine(s) running, master avionics ON, etc.

3) Selecting (2) will load a flight with the conditions that were present when the flight was saved.

A - MVAMS Status options


In this status the KA will load completely "dark" in boths Options (1) and (2), with all systems shut - including Battery Bus switch. This is the typical case of a first flight after an overnight/long term downed situation. The only option that can be enabled in VISUALS section of MVAMS is Pilots, rest -even if disabled - is ignored an the KA will display with Chocks/Pitot covers/Engine covers visibles, and they will have to be removed from inside the flight (Add-ons Menu)

Status2.jpg (70.25 KiB) Viewed 879 times
Status3.jpg (201.19 KiB) Viewed 879 times

Cold & Dark

Similar to Parked, but will load with Battery Bus On -that allows for GND COMM switch among other functions. Typical case of returning to the aircraft after a short stop between daily flights. The only option that can be enabled in VISUALS section of MVAMS is Pilots, rest -even if enabled - is ignored an the KA will display with Chocks/Pitot covers/Engine covers hidden, though they can be set from inside the flight (Add-ons Menu).

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Status5.jpg (147.33 KiB) Viewed 879 times

Ready to Start

In this option the KA loads with Battery Power ON and other functions set - Master Avionics Off, Bleed Air Env Off, etc - which enables for an immediate start of the engines. At this point a GPU might be requested through the Add-ons menu. Like in Cold & Dark, MVAMS sets for Chocks/Pitot covers/Engine covers are ignored as initial display is with all these disabled. Besides, Pilots initial display is enabled regardless of selection in MVAMS.

Status6.jpg (444.16 KiB) Viewed 879 times

Current Conditions

This is the most flexible status, as the KA will load according to the conditions present in the loading option, either as a Vehicle selection (1) or Load (2) a saved flight. For example:

- If Vehicle selection (1), KA loads with P3D default conditions. It will have both engines running, almost ready to taxi. All Visual Options selected are ignored, and initial display will be with Pilots visibles and Chocks/Pitot covers/Engine covers hidden.

-If Load (2) a saved flight, KA configuration will coincide with the situation in which the flight was saved - engines off or running, Master Avionics/Battery/ etc off or on, etc.
If the saved flight was with engines running, Visual options are the same that with Vehicle selection. If it was with engines shut, then Visuals will match with the MVAMS selection. If Pilots option was set, Pilots will display but also Battery Switch will be On regardless of how it was saved.

Please notice that in no situation the FMS data will be saved. Also not all switches will be exactly restored, so checklist must be respected in all cases.


When in within a flight, DO NOT select the KA from the Vehicle Menu. Neither when trying to swith to the KA from another aircraft, nor from being in the KA and trying to reselect it.

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ALWAYS use a saved Scenario (flight).

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Thanks for your attention.