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Porter comes to FSX:SE! PC-6 FSX Find out more.

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New Release!

25th August 2019

T38ADV Redux Out now: Advanced Series: T-38A Redux - A complete reworking of the Talon, recoded with PBR textures thoughout Find out more!


9th August 2019

Porter for FSX SE New release: Turbo-Porter comes to FSX Steam Edition - Find out more!


24th July 2019

Turbo Otter for XP DHC-3T Turbo Otter comes to X-Plane - Find out more!

TFDi RealLight Update

18th July 2019

Following a recent update to the RealLight platform, some of our planes will throw an initialization error on install.

We are in the process of re-working the affected products but in the meantime, you may resolve any RealLight initialization errors by going to the RealLight/Textures folders and removing any files where the name is not made up entirely of numerals. Any that you find can be safely deleted. Example _0.bmp or thumbs.db should be removed; files comprised of numbers only, like 04.dds or 7.bmp, should be left in place.

New for XP11

21st June 2019

Texture pack

11th June 2019

A special texture set for Porter owners with older video cards is available on our support forum.