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Eccentric Exec! 180 EVO Find out more.

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Twitchcast with the Boss

10 December 2020

State of the Sim
Colin & D' give the lowdown on the current state of affairs vis a vis Milviz, P3D, and MSFS2020.
State of the Sim
State of the Sim

MSFS 2020 sneak peek

28th September 2020

In-game night lighting test for the MV310 in MSFS 2020! MV310

Prepar3D V5

29th July 2020

Advanced Series: T-38A Redux - now P3D v5 compatible!
(Free update via MVAMS) SALE

Prepar3D V5

29th june 2020

Lockheed Martin has released Prepar3D V5 HF2.
As promised, we have now started work on adding v5 compatibility to all our P3D products.
Our plan is to have the less complex simulations ready within a couple of weeks, as free downloads to existing customers.
The more advanced simulations will definitely take a little longer. (If we can offer them for free, we will, depending on the work involved).
Later in the year, we hope to offer reasonably priced PBR enhanced upgrades across our P3D range.


26th January 2020

MD530F-PBR New release: MD530F-PBR for P3Dv4 - Find out more!
Discounts are available to owners of the previous (non-PBR) product - contact us for details.

KA Service Pack

28th December 2019

A service pack for the KA350i is in development.
Among the improvements are more options for controller configuration, new code allowing FMS settings to persist from flight to flight, and bug-fixes aplenty.