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Suggestion for another partnership with Nemeth Designs

Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:07 am
by FlexFlier
Your partnership with ND on the A109 is great...thanks!

Could I interest you in partnering again for a truly classic helicopter: the Sikorsky S-58T, the turbine version of the round-motor H-34 Choctaw. The Brits did a turbine version under license: the Westland Wessex. Sikorsky preferred the PT-6 Twin Pack and certified the aircraft both here and in Britain.

I have about 100 hours PIC in the 58T and it's a seriously interesting aircraft: large, slow but with a huge cabin, a tail-wheel, and a folding tail for the Navy. there are still a number of them flying today doing medium lift work so there would be quite a few liveries available. I think it would make a terrific addition to your line-up of great aircraft.