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MilViz's AVSIM board

Post by DLRK » Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:26 pm

I am a writing to discuss MilViz's use of AVSIM as it's host for forum discussion of it's products. Although AVSIM obviously offers benefits to you from this, it is important to be aware that AVSIM's capricious moderation policy can keep people out of the conversation. Recently, AVSIM has begun suspending or banning simply for having certain opinions or implying they have certain opinions(those opposed to MS Flight, people who wanted to discuss P3D's marketing, people attempting to discuss AVSIM's moderation policy). It is often quite difficult to tell what will upset an AVSIM moderator.

I am writing to the commercial vendors I have made purchases from who also use AVSIM's services essentially to complain about their use of a site that uses heavy-handed moderation to abuse it's position as a gathering place and control discussion in (admittedly small/insignificant) flight sim community.

Obviously this isn't as significant in MilViz's case as you have your own forum, however I decided to send this note to every commercial vendor with an AVSIM board I made purchases from

I'm also going to be honest and admit this post is largely a copy-and-paste from what I sent to two other vendors, but that's not really an issue.

Letter to AVSIM from me and their reply follows:

As we all know, the AVSIM forum has suspended my account. Obviously, I feel this was inappropriate, particularly considering the post leading to the suspension was roughly as follows:

"If I state my opinion on this, will I be banned?"

Perhaps it was unwise to imply I had an opinion during a discussion that clearly was about AVSIM's decision not to retain members with certain opinions, but I felt it was a valid question, and I wanted to know if AVSIM would tolerate discussion of it's new policy.

I'm not going to deny that the behavior of AVSIM's management thoroughly disgusts me or ask that you allow me . It does. From my perspective, you're organization is abusing it's position as the primary gathering place of the flight sim community to control discussion and debate in that community.

I am, however, requesting that the suspension on my account be lifted with regards to the Commercial Support Forums section. I own several items of software developed by PMDG simulations, HiFi Technologies and Military Visualizations. These developers all have support and discussion of their software hosted by AVSIM. As a result of AVSIM's decision to ban me from their forum, AVSIM has taken away an avenue of communication between me and the developers of software I have purchased, in effect, acting as a gatekeeper to communications with a third party. In my opinion, this is an abuse of AVSIM's position.

If you don't want me in your forum, fine. However, I would ask that AVSIM not use it's position as a gatekeeper to the forums used by software developers to prevent their customers from communications in that avenue. To that end, I would like my suspension from the AVSIM forum to be eliminated as to, at least, the forums used by the developers I have purchased software from, namely the PMDG, HiFi(ActiveSky) and MilViz forums.

I will be providing these developers with copies of this email, as I consider this a significant customer service issue.

Thank you for reading this,

Darrol Larrok

Reply from Tom Allensworth:

Knock yourself out and feel free to include this reply in your email to the commercial vendors you are referring to.

When you sign up to the AVSIM forums, you agree to terms of service – your continued use of the system is your continuing agreement to those terms. You violate those terms of service, you suffer the consequences site wide. You will not be given access to any part of AVSIM’s forums during a suspension or banning. The responsibility for finding yourself in this position is yours. You agreed to the terms when you signed up. You didn’t adhere to them.

Tom Allensworth

(I did read the ToS and was unable to find a section that I violated)

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Re: MilViz's AVSIM board

Post by Krazycolin » Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:34 pm

and you want us to do what exactly?
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Re: MilViz's AVSIM board

Post by Eagle Spirit » Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:48 am

Colin, (FYI)

Take a look at Orbx forums. Their control, abuses and censorship are beyond anything I've seen in any forum. I've copied a few letters composed by good Orbx customers, that Orbx just "shyte" on and band. Jon V. is a frickn tyrant.

Thanks for heads up!


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Re: MilViz's AVSIM board

Post by N4GIX » Sat Jun 03, 2017 6:55 pm

Why did you feel the need to reopen a five year old thread? :?:
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